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Archive Control


A WordPress plugin to customize "archive" pages

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A quick easy way to customize WordPress archive pages (or pages with lists of posts like custom post types, categories, tags, or custom taxonomy terms). You can add editable content before or after the list, you can add a featured image. It also allows you to set up the order and pagination on these pages separately from the rest of your site. Taxonomies can share settings across all terms, or have specific settings per term. Administrators can change the settings, site editors can easily change the content.

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019
Next Steps

I just need to update this so that the WordPress repository says that it is compatible with the latest version of WP. 

I've also been working on adding in the ability to add Advanced Custom Fields to the Archive page, kinda like an options page. Made some progress awhile ago, but need to flesh that out a bit more.